What Graduates Say

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a combined honours student. I had already studied History at A-Level and the combined honours course allowed me to continue studying a subject I loved whilst at the same time, gave me a chance to study a completely new subject (Sociology) which had always interested me but was something I never got the chance to study before university. I also enjoyed the social aspect of the combined honours course. I was able to meet people from two departments rather than one and I became an active member in both the History and the Sociology societies which was a lot of fun.”

Andrew Pearson, History and Sociology 

“I chose my course because I knew I’d really enjoy the variety of studying two subjects. I was originally worried about the workload of a combined honours course but I soon realised that it required no more work than the single honours programmes I had considered before starting university. I was able to study a diverse and interesting array of modules during the three years of my degree and I found myself constantly engaged with the course material. I developed skills that were highly relevant for both subjects and it allowed me to look at issues from a completely unique perspective.”

Sam Roy, Archaeology and Geography 

“With record graduate numbers and record numbers achieving at least a 2:1, standing out from the crowd has always concerned me. This was a key reason for choosing a dual honours degree, as it provided an unusual and varied education that would give me an edge when entering the job market. This has proved to be the case. Far more importantly however, once I started my degree I realised that I was in an unrivalled position to cover a plethora of topics, as well as similar topics from different perspectives, opening my eyes in ways I had not imagined. Three years later and my mindset, knowledge and skills were transformed beyond recognition.”

Luke Snelling, Geography and Politics