Combined Honours Information

books-441864_1280 has been developed by UK Higher Education institutions who offer Combined (also known as Dual/Joint) Honours programmes. Combined Honours is simply the name for a type of course that allows you to study two or more different subjects as part of one degree. This website aims to deliver information about the advantages of our programmes and where you can pursue them.

There are many reasons why you would want to choose Combined Honours at university. You may want to continue your favourite school subjects whilst also expanding your knowledge into one or more new areas. The breadth of knowledge a Combined Honours course offers is not only incredibly stimulating but it will also help open up your options when you graduate. Combined Honours courses are also great for meeting a wider range of students and academics, by being part of more than one department you introduce yourself to many more people and discover different ways of thinking.

Combined Honours programmes are different to Liberal Arts programmes in that you usually only study the subjects you are interested in – there aren’t ‘general knowledge’ modules which only include other Liberal Arts students. Combined Honours programmes are made up of modules which are directly related to your subjects and interests.

Please explore our website and those listed on the ‘Where you can study‘ to find out why a Combined Honours could be the type of course for you.